Saturday, March 25, 2017

2016 Year In Review & 2017 New Adventures

NPOTA Success
Last year was a minimal operating year for me. Work kept me extremely busy and with indoor antenna's at the home QTH, there were many a day that band conditions were silent. I did find time to operate the National Parks On The Air (NPOTA) event at Crater Lake National Park. Having my office at park headquarters, it was a short trip up to the Rim to operate. Even though I only did a few activations, it was the highlight to my ham radio operating in 2016. I wrote a detailed article for the park newsletter (internal) giving an overview of NPOTA and my operations at Crater Lake National Park. 

I recently sent off for my operator award for NPOTA and my Crater Lake activations. Once it arrives, I'll frame it and hang it at my office. I find these types of wallpaper tend to be great conversation pieces to those who visit. I'm always looking to recruit our next ham.

Bryce Canyon National Park 
The new year brought new opportunities and I made the move from Oregon to Utah. We (my wife and I) now call Bryce Canyon National Park our home. Life at 8,000+ feet is simply breathtaking (literally speaking, too) with the beautiful landscape that runs within and that surrounds Bryce. Since we only recently unpacked, I have yet to start putting my shack together, but I do have plans for external antenna's here and getting back on the air. Now that spring has arrived (for the most part) it won't be long before I plot my outdoor antenna configuration here in DM37vp. I'm hoping the elevation will yield some nice propagation. I did listen to my mobile HF setup in my truck and preliminary results look promising.

I'm not sure what 2017 will bring, but it's already starting off to be a great year with many new adventures ahead. I found that there is APRS coverage here and some of my packets make the long haul to find the internet. Always thankful for those stations listening and posting APRS activity to the internet. Now I just need to reprogram my UHF/VHF rig in the truck with new repeaters and local frequencies. Hopefully, I'll be posting shack progress photos here soon. I miss using my keys and operating the digital modes. I'm looking forward to my first HF QSO's from Utah. 


  1. Good afternoon Phil, nice to see your post my wife and I have seen many wild life/wilderness shows featuring both Oregon and Utah both are fantastic! Good to hear from you and look forward to most posts.

  2. Mike, thanks for the comment and it's great to hear from you!!! I'm excited to be back on the air and hopefully, drag my IC-756PRO out of the box again! 72! Phil