Sunday, July 10, 2016

Almost Ready for my Mobile Installation...

Now just waiting on Antenna
I ordered new parts for my mobile antenna installation and so far, I'm about ½ way there. I ordered the antenna and mount from Ham Radio Outlet but so far, only the mount has arrived. They charged my credit card for both, so I sent them a note asking when I could expect to receive the mobile antenna. Hopefully I'll hear from them this week. The invoice did not mention anything about a back order, but maybe it's being shipped from another store? Either way, I won't be installing the mount until such time I have the antenna to go along with it. 

I opted for the Comet CA-2X4SRNMO antenna. The Diamond and the Comet had pretty equal reviews. I've had mobile antenna's from both so it came down to price. I'm looking forward to getting back to transmitting APRS and having VHF/UHF in the truck again. We don't have the best cellular coverage to and from work and good portion has none. So, having the rig in the truck is nice since we have better repeater / APRS coverage than we have cellular coverage. 

Project will move forward with the antenna installation when the rest of my order arrives. 

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