Monday, August 3, 2015

JT9, 3 Months Later

Hard to believe it's been three months since my last QSO. My shack computer began giving me errors so back to the shop it went. First comment was, "Well, it could be a virus" followed by a call a few days later telling me the hard drive failed. I then received a call a week later that said it was an issue with RAM. When I got the phone call to pick it up, it was time to reload my ham programs and I take it for a test drive, which happened this past weekend. I decided to start off with some JT9 on 20 meters. I enjoy that mode as running QRP, a weak signal program is just the answer to adding contacts to the old ham radio logbook. I still have to set up a few macros but it's nice surfing the bands and making some contacts. 

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