Sunday, August 30, 2015

Downsizing Sell Off Finally Begins

Bencher SK
As I hit the popular auction site eBay with various pieces of ham equipment, I'm finally getting to see my no longer needed accessories going to good shacks. I've been trying to list a handful each weekend as time allows. 

One key that I've had for a long time is my Bencher RJ-1. These are great keys but once I took a Navy Flameproof for a spin down RF alley, I've never looked back. I prefer the Navy Flameproof and it's my key of choice when sending manual Morse Code. My introduction to the Flameproof prompted me to put the Bencher back in the box it had arrived in. It's been there ever since. Now hopefully it will find a good home as it's currently listed on eBay. 

Heil HM-10-Dual
There is equipment that's tough to part with and then there is equipment that is pretty easy to part with. Since I'm mostly a CW guy, any Single Side Band (SSB) equipment is pretty easy to part with. When I had my shack in Alaska, I had plans of hooking up a boom microphone but it never really happened. I became addicted to my Heil Pro Headsets and the rest is history. So, I have some microphone and accessories currently listed on the auction site as well. And since I have no plans of having another contest station (unless I'm lucky enough to win the lottery but with my previous history with luck, that's highly doubtful) this is equipment that needs to be used elsewhere by someone else.

Icom SM-20
My goal is to reduce the clutter in my current shack over the next several weeks and downsize to only those pieces of equipment that I'll be able to use. I'm the original owner on much of it, but a few pieces I acquired from friends or other auction sites. And since my equipment comes with many of the original boxes and a smoke free environment, hopefully most, if not all, will find new homes in shacks that will put them to use once again.

Again, my SSB equipment is pretty easy to part with so items like my Icom SM-20 should hopefully be easy to sell (and it already has). I have lots of stuff that I need to list on a local level (towers, amplifier, etc) due to shipping issues but hopefully I can list some equipment with some local ham clubs. 

When I tore down my shack prior to leaving Alaska, I had hopes of someday putting it back together again. As time moves on, the likelihood of that happening fades with each passing month and changing future plans. I am concentrating now on a portable and QRP station. If we do eventually win the lottery, I'll be back to crank-up towers and a retirement home in a propagation rich part of the country. I'm not holding my breath.

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