Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Thee Dying Art of Inconspicuous Green Stamp Stuffing

Pre-LOTW, EQSL, Clublog, QRZlog etc...
Back in the day, to get a foreign QSL confirmation, one would send a QSL card, return airmail envelope and green stamp(s). You kept your fingers crossed that the envelope made it intact with all the contents and the return would share the same fate. Postal theft has always been an issue as has been green stamp collectors (those who would receive the $$ but would not return QSL) so the art of QSL'ing, almost at times, felt like a cat & mouse game. You know the drill, no callsigns on the envelopes, using brand new green stamps as they would fold tightly and be less obvious (some preferred non-folded green stamps), covering the QSL card with paper so a bright light would not identify it like a Cracker Jack Box with a prize inside. Also, taping the envelope to make it a bit harder to peek through the seams to see the contents.  

Over the years, I've sent hundreds (and maybe thousands) of $1.00 bills abroad. Where currency was a no-go, I'd send International Reply Coupons (IRC's). I had a need for these envelopes while in Alaska, as I received many direct QSL requests. But that need has fallen to near zero. Now I need to find a good home for these as I'll probably never use them again. I have a few on hand just in case I get a few last requests. I'll post my unopened packages and boxes on a few websites and the first reasonable offer gets em. 

I have written in the past that I have a nice foreign stamp collection thanks to Ham Radio! I kept every foreign stamp I ever received and they are safe in hopes that someday, my kids can enjoy them and maybe even make a few bucks. Like the days of Box 88 in Moscow, this "back in the day" shack accessory is becoming a vintage memory for this ham. There are still those that send direct and I think sending direct will be like Morse Code. Some thought it was a dying form of communication but it continues and will continue. So maybe someone will be able to put these envelopes to good use. These are great backdrops for the American Global Forever Stamp.   

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