Saturday, June 20, 2015

Windows 3.1 Directions Discovered And My Indoor 6 Meter Comes To Life, Finally!

6 Meter Indoor Antenna
At the urging of my long time friend KL1SF, I finally put up my indoor 6 meter Par EndFedZ antenna today. I heard my first weak SSB signals on 6 meters, mostly from 6 and 7 land. As you can see, the SWR is pretty respectable considering it's indoors and running in between my 10 and 20 meter indoor wires. I had been listening to a few hams chat on 50.140 while I was stringing the wire. The entire portion of the 6 meter band (CW and up to about 150) had the same SWR. So now, need a grand opening to be able to work my first stations on 6 from this QTH. My only dilemma is needing to find my microphone, but hopefully will hear some 6 meter CW in the near future. The keys are ready but I normally don't have a microphone hooked to my rig. 

LogSat for Windows 3.1?!
As I continue to purge my shack of old equipment and accessories, I found several old pieces of software. The picture to the right is of my first satellite program, LogSat. When I opened it up and saw the installation instructions, I had to chuckle a bit. I can sure remember Windows 3.1 and DOS before that. As we are about to embark on Windows 10, things have sure changed over the years and as some would probably tell you, not necessarily for the better. And now, CD's are becoming a thing of the past. As I recycle, sell or throw out various accessories, I'm wondering if some of these might not someday be the next high dollar eBay income piece. Sometimes I think technology moves a bit fast for my taste. This of course coming from a guy who totally enjoys Morse Code, that ancient form of communication that constantly fills the ham bands when propagation allows. Morse Code was here before me and I'm sure it will still be in use after me. I'm sure glad some things don't change...   


  1. Phil, you remind me that I have a 6m yagi sitting disassembled on the floor of my garage...headed out right now to assemble :-). Could actually here some 6m CW beacons on my kt34....are we in the thick of sporadic E season?

  2. I'm sure hoping so! I missed the big UHF/VHF contest so hopefully some exciting will be heard emanating from my speaker on 6 meters soon. Having an indoor antenna will be challenging but I'm hopeful that it will be like 10 meters. When it opens, you can work lots with very little ;0)