Sunday, June 28, 2015

QSL - Relived And Then Recycled

If you've followed my blog at all, you will know that I'm downsizing my shack dramatically. First is cleaning up files and paperwork followed by parting with various pieces of shack equipment. As I prepare for my retirement years, I know I can't drag most of my ham radio hobby with me. Certificates, which used to hang on the shack wall, have now been removed from their frames and placed into a large photo album. The frames, along with other household items we no longer need, have been donated. Equipment has been stacked in two piles, one pile that I will keep and the second pile, I will sell. The sale pile includes tower sections, rotors and control boxes, hundreds of feet of cable, shack equipment and more. Today I began the sad reality of working my way through my QSL cards. I will be downsizing my QSL cards in much the same manner as I did my certificates. My DXCC QSL cards along with a few other of my favorites will be retired to a photo album as friendly reminder of years past. 

QSL's of Yesteryear
Included in recycling project is my own personal QSL cards sporting my previous callsigns and operations. I held onto some of my old QSL cards to make sure I had enough for any bureau requests. Since I no longer receive any requests of my previous older callsigns, they found their way into our recycling bin. As you can see, many of my QSL cards from the late 80's and 90's also found the bin. These were mostly my 432, 144, 6 and satellite contacts from back in the day. I browsed each and every card as I tossed them into the bin and I'm sure my neighbors were curious as to what I was doing. A colorful reminder of days before electronic QSL'ing.

In some ways, this act almost seemed criminal. That is probably the reason it's taken me so long to begin this process. I've moved across the country a few times and after this last move, I decided it was time to stop lugging them around. This activity will continue as time allows and as room is had in the recycling bin. Yes, the Coors Light made it a little easier but it's still tough to close the lid on so many fond memories. Life goes on...

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