Monday, June 22, 2015

My Commanding QRP Tri-band Configuration

Indoor Par EndFedZ Antenna Configuration
I have three bands (antennas) within my QTH at the moment. I've identified the Par EndFedZ wires I currently have up in the photo to the left. My shack is a bit out of sight below, but the open concept allows me to easily run wires indoors. The 20 meter wire is a bit long so I have it making a 45 degree turn down into the shack. Couple indoor antennas with running QRP, there certainly are challenges in making contacts if propagation is not good. Basically, it's nearly impossible, but when propagation is favorable, I can work Europe. This configuration is a great conversation piece for anyone who visits, as the wires always raise an eyebrow or two. Command Strips make it pretty easy to run wires indoors without scaring interior finishes. The antenna's also don't mind the wires running to, or through them. I still have plans of exterior antenna's but for now, this is how I'm wired.     

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