Sunday, June 14, 2015

A Contesters Past - Hand Delivered Wallpaper Achiever?

CT & TR-Log
With modern contesting software, you go to a specific website, review the software and oftentimes, download a trial copy. You give it a spin and if you like it, you register it (if applicable). With some, there is a cost for registration and with others, it can be free. Some even have lifetime updates but I don't know of any software program that has lasted that long. Donations are always a good thing when you find software that you enjoy that come with no price tag. As I continue my theme of walking down memory lane, looking at my disk collection, I came across two of my first real contest programs. CT and TR-Log is where I first experienced having a separate program, specifically for contesting. 

I would expect that these programs are probably still in use by many hams. When you become an expert with a version of any software, change can sometimes be stressful. Changes often make software better, by upgrading certain aspects of the program and fixing reported bugs. I was (am still) hesitant in upgrading software each and every time a new version comes out. It is a great thing when a software developer continuously supports their work. Contesting software in comparison to regular logging software is the difference between driving a Chevy Vega and a Z28. In modern day, I use Win-test (N1MM for digital contests), which resemble aspects of those programs I have used in the past. Computers are faster and programs are much bigger and more powerful and ham radio software is no different. As I permanently retire these program disks, I can't help but smile. Great programs that still have a place in Radiosport today. 


  1. Hello Phil, that is certainly a trip into memory lane. Those were very valuable programs back then. I still can't throw away my disks with various DOS software. And still have a portable computer that can play it. See: This post back in 2010 73, Bas

  2. Nice web page, Phil.
    Curt WA2JSG NJ

    1. Thanks, Curt! I hope all is well on the other coast. Looking forward to our next SK QSO! 72/73!