Saturday, May 2, 2015

FDIM - Four Days In May. Wish I Was Going This Year, But Maybe Next Year...

Dayton 2014
It's hard to believe that it's almost been a year since I attended my first Dayton Hamvention. I had plenty of fun meeting old and new friends and spending time with my long time ham buddy and his family, Sean KL1SF. There were several events I wished I could have attended but time did not allow. One of those events was the Four Days in May (FDIM). This is a QRP event spread across four days and it's loaded with low power fun. Had we still lived closer to the Buckeye state, I would have tried to attend this years four days of QRP education and festivities. Even though I'm unable to attend this year, it's on my "Bucket List" to attend sometime in the future.

Although I could not attend the event this year, I still participated in a way. In reading QRP-ARCI's  January 2015 version of QRP Quarterly, I saw they were taking nominations for the QRP Hall of Fame (page 4). Well, I've never nominated anyone for this award but I submitted one this year. I'm looking forward to reading (since I can't be there) on who will be the recipient of this years award. I think it's great that QRP-ARCI does this, something they've obviously done for several years now. I think it's important to recognize those who contribute so much to our ever growing hobby. If you have the chance to nominate anyone you feel is worthy, regardless of organization and award, I'd recommend doing so. Like winning the lottery, you can't win unless you play. The same goes for these awards. Those hams you feel are worthy won't get a chance of being named unless you nominate. 

Now that we are seeing green-up here, I'm hoping to get a bit of time and begin some heavy thought on an external antenna or two. Having mother nature conceal my exterior efforts will help keep neighborhood harmony. Here in my current subdivision, houses are built extremely close to each other and I can literally reach out and touch my neighbors shed roof from my deck (without stretching). At least running QRP, I hopefully won't have to worry much about interfering with neighborhood electronic devices. And since most of the utilities here are below ground, things are relatively quiet. That may change once I put up a better antenna outdoors. There is only one way to find out... 

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  1. Hello Phil, just start with a small antenne. Build it bigger in time. Neighbours will hardly notice ;-).
    73, Bas