Sunday, May 10, 2015

100th Weekend Sprintathon and Holding Out

Straight Key Action Flameproof QRP Style 
This weekend was another personally busy one but I wanted to set a bit of time aside to work the SKCC Weekend Sprintathon (WES). This was the SKCC's 100th Weekend Sprintathon! First off, congratulations to SKCC for achieving such a milestone. I'm looking forward to operating WES #200! I've blogged about SKCC many times over the years and I've had plenty of fun working their events! I very much enjoy the slower pace of their regular events. With this weekends festivities, I only made five QRP QSO's due to the band conditions but I was glad to make each and every one of em. I've been a fan of CW for years and in these SKCC events, you will encounter seasoned contesters and those brand new to the key. You don't have to be a member to participate but if you enjoy CW or want to learn it, why not become a member?! I enjoy several CW clubs but SKCC ranks up there at the top for me. I always enjoyed the straight key pileups I encountered while operating in Alaska. I miss those days...

In reading all the hype about the Dayton Hamvention next week, I wish I could attend. There is a new radio I've had my eye on and I have been waiting for the release and subsequent reviews. If I were able to attend, I may have the chance of getting my hands on one. It's not another HF radio, but a new handheld radio. I've wanted an APRS compatible handheld for awhile now and my first choice had been the Yaesu VX-8DR. A few of my friends have that rig and are very happy with it. Seeing the ads for the new Yaesu FT2DR peaked my interest and put me on hold for the VX-8DR. My aged eyes sure enjoy the advertised size of the display that the FT2DR has. So, as I wait until the FT2DR hits the street and I see the reviews, I'll just hold off. Heck, it might even drive the price down of the VX-8DR if I end up going with that one anyway. Since we have good APRS coverage here, I've been looking for a VHF/UHF handheld that I can use while hiking, camping or remote operating. Either way, hopefully I'll have an APRS compatible handheld this summer.       

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