Tuesday, April 14, 2015

QRP ARCI 1,000 Miles Per Watt Award

1000 Miles Per Watt Award
On February 24th, I emailed two applications for the acclaimed QRP ARCI's 1,000 Miles Per Watt Award. It was nice to visit the Post Office box today finding a large white envelope. The envelope contained one of the awards I applied for. Since getting into QRP operating, this is one award that is offered by a few clubs and it speaks loudly of what you can do with very little. This is an award that I'm extra proud of considering I'm currently using indoor antenna's to make my contacts. Having a beam outside sure helps any QRP signal but operating not only QRP but also with indoor antenna's can sure try one's patience. It's a great test to operating skill and technique and taking advantage of being in the right place at the right time. Obviously in my case, a huge pat on the back goes to the stations on the other end. They were the ones who listened hard and pulled my weak signal out. Plus, ain't this a great looking certificate?! 

My other claimed KMPW application
I had a YouTube recording of the signal that CS2C had into my QTH. Yup, a nice accomplishment getting 1,827 Thousand Miles Per Watt. But even better, is my QSO with KP2M which that contact was captured and posted on my YouTube page. That equates to a claimed 7,455.8 Thousand Miles Per Watt! My mileage data comes from QRZ. Again, ½ watt with an indoor antenna!! That is a huge accomplishment for me. But I honestly feel the contest station did all the work and propagation was certainly in my favor. Accomplishing such things inspires me to continue to do even better by making farther contacts with minimal power. CW is my mode of choice as I feel that weak signal software gives me a bit of an advantage. Contest weekends are great times to accomplish such contacts as the big stations are out and it's easy to dial in on propagation paths as many more are on and contest frequencies are often packed. I've operated 1,500 watts to a tower mounted beam for several years but operating in those same contests while running QRP certainly increases the excitement when decreasing the power, especially when a valid contact is completed. That feeling is amplified (pun intended) when operating my indoor antenna strung from my upstairs stairway into my shack. Feels like winning the QRP lottery.


  1. Hey Phil great work on the 1000 miles per watt award! How about building an attenuator and floating with the mW gang??

  2. Congratulations on a job well done!