Monday, March 9, 2015

Double Success

Certificate Received & Loaded! 
I received my LOTW certificate today from the ARRL and I had it loaded and my new location edited and saved in no time. I'm now ready to begin electronic QSL'ing with my new call at my new QTH. I've been hand logging now for the last few months, so I need to type it into my software and get it uploaded to LOTW. I also need to get my new identity squared away with eQSL as well. Club Log will follow thereafter. Once I finally get my shack computer fixed or replaced, I will set things up on a more permanent basis. My Icom IC-756PRO probably feels left out being tucked away in its box. I hope to someday have enough room to break it out. I enjoy my Icom IC-703+ and my Icom IC-706MIIG, but they don't have the abilities that my PRO has.

IC-703+ and EndFedZ Indoor 20 Meter Wire
My IC-703+ does pretty well on it's own and the result of my monitoring JT65/JT9 last night on 20 meters showed some promising future DX contacts. My goal is to monitor 20 meters and then do some monitoring of 30 & 40 meters. I believe I have the layout in mind for my indoor 30 and 40 meter wire. I've already copied the east coast on 40 meters off of my indoor 20 meter wire! I feel that once I get my 40 meter wire hung, it should open up that band for me a bit. I'll post photos of my configuration once I get it stretched throughout the house. I enjoy chasing DX on 30 & 40 meters but I've never had a great antenna for either band. If anything, I'm hoping 40 might yield some local CW and digital contacts. Once the leaves populate the branches on the trees around the yard, I will work on some antennas which are a bit more exterior in nature. But for now, seeing the results of my monitoring session last night, what I currently have will work just fine.


  1. Hello Phil. I have been working a lot of JT65 here this year with 5 watts. Usually on several evenings a week. I have been leaving the rig receiving 24-7 on different bands. Either JT65 or WSPR mostly. Hope to catch you on the air with JT65 soon I will watch for you. 73 Dave K5MQ

  2. Thanks, Dave! Yes, I will sure look for your call! It would be great to work you on the bands! And by the way, I enjoy your blog! Thanks for stopping and commenting! See ya on the waterfall soon with any luck! 73!

  3. Hello Phil, I see you just received my QRP 20m JT65 signal on pskreporter. 73, Dave K5MQ

  4. Thanks for the JT9 QSO on 20m Phil. Was running 5W and OCF 40-10 dipole @ 30ft. Your 5W and indoor antenna doing great. 73, Dave

  5. Thanks Dave and right back atcha! Thanks so much for the QSO and will sure be looking for you on other bands! 72!