Monday, February 2, 2015

Home Grid

I still have yet to set up a portable antenna but that day will soon arrive. I did break out the portable equipment box and fired up the Garmin to see what my current grid square will be. After relocating to a more permanent location, I hope to finally unpack for a long while. The weather had been unseasonably warm (or so I'm told) here for the last few weeks at least. It appears we will be in a wet and breezy pattern through this next weekend. But that should not stop me from putting up an antenna inside the house until I can put something outside. Thankfully, most of the utilities are buried in our current neighborhood so I'm hopeful most QRN will be tolerable.

Most of my equipment will remain in the box or go on the auction block as I begin to downsize my station. For right now, it's all piled up in the corner of the shack. My Rohn tower and accessories will be the first to go and then I'll slowly weed through this stack. I hope to erect my Hex Beam and my 5BTV vertical this spring. And of course I will be putting my end fed antenna's to the test before things warm up. I would love to get back into contesting a bit but my AK glory days are long gone. For years I put many of my awards and certificates in frames. Now it's time to remove them from those frames and put them in a photo album. A photo album only another ham would understand or appreciate. 


  1. WOW Phil you sure do have lots of gear! When Julie and moved I had to really downsize the shack as we went from a 5 bedroom house to 2 bedroom condo. I have my wall paper out of the frames and in a photo album. I ended up selling a lot of gear including 2 Elecraft K2's and lots of gear. I made enough money to get Julie a 600mm Nikon lens for her camera as a Christmas gift.

  2. Lot's of radiostuff there. Just my thoughts, wy not scan those certificates and publish them on your site. You can look at it once and a while (and we too) and dream from times gone (see my blog). Well, you never know how life goes. At least you have experienced to be a (wanted) contester in Alaska. You helped a lot (and me) to obtain AK for their DXCC. 73, Bas

  3. Thanks, Mike & Bas for the comments! Bas, most are already on my KL8DX blog but or course there are several others that I could possibly do. I think scanning would be a great idea before they make the photo album. I sure had fun helping many stations getting the 49th! Who knows, I might be able to do it again someday (with any luck) ;0) 73 & 72, guys!