Monday, January 5, 2015

Straight Key QSO, Broke the Ice!

Straight Key QSO
I was not very happy that band conditions for me have been tough enough that I never made one CW QSO on Straight Key Night! I was really looking forward to some SK contacts. Nevertheless, I have been waiting for a good signal to make it to my radio. I broke out my Yaesu FT-857D just to make sure my receiver in my Icom 703+ was functional. I think my challenge is being not only indoors, but being at the base of a large mountain and others within a stones throw of my current QTH. I keep listening and waiting and my first CW (Morse Code) QSO happened on the 4th of January. I happened upon Kelsey in California running K3Y/6 on 20 meters, the SKCC Special Event Station. I called Kelsey with my Yaesu at 70 watts and a few minutes later, my first CW QSO made it into the AK7DD logbook. 

Log Search / Statistics
As the month wears on, I hope to add many more contacts with other K3Y stations. I've previously had fun operating K3Y from Alaska, but with my current situation and propagation challenged location, I would not even consider trying to run others here. I've ordered a few more antenna's, more specifically end fed wire antennas for 15, 20 and 40 meters. I have one for 17 meters and my uses will be running portable and also at the home QTH. I found the end fed antenna works well and normally is broad banded enough to not need a tuner. Another plus when dragging equipment out into some backcountry portable location as every ounce counts. I'm hoping to throw one up outside here which may help a bit and either way, it won't hurt. 

With a busy week ahead, I don't see much radio in my near future but hopefully next weekend will yield a few more contacts.  


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