Thursday, January 8, 2015

My Thursday JT65 Heard List

JT65 Heard List
I left my Icom 703+ monitoring 20 meters today and it was nice to see several callsigns listed on my band activity screen while monitoring for JT65 signals. I was also pleasantly surprised to see a bit of DX on the screen as well. PY2XAT showed up toward the end of the afternoon as seen with my screen shot. It was also nice to see the 49th (Alaska) make it onto my heard list as well. That's an accomplishment considering the size of the mountain I have blocking that direction. I did notice that when the band folded tonight, it folded quickly. That time of year.  

I received notice today that my external antennas were apparently shipped so I'm looking forward to receiving those next week. I'm hoping the use of an external antenna will open up a bit more of the globe for me, as it should. 

As the weekend approaches, my plans are to venture across the bands and warm up my straight key in the SKCC Weekend Sprintathon. I hope to do a bit of digital as well. Just with today's listening exercise, it will help me plan my weekend activity while chasing the various K3Y stations. 

PSK Reporter AK7DD Heard List Visual Report
The PSK Reporter Map to the right displays geographically the station locations of those my station heard today on 20 meters. With such great resources available online, it's hard to believe not taking advantage of this data. I might not have a single bar of cellular coverage but I sure have some fair HF coverage even with a minimal indoor setup. A perfect example that you don't need much to get on the air and make contacts thousands of miles away. What's there not to love about this hobby! It has something for everyone.   

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