Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Fedz Up!

USPS Delivery
As mentioned in a previous post, I had ordered a few more of the Par EndFedz antenna's for my portable arsenal. I'm looking forward to deploying these, both here at home and in the backcountry. I've owned a 17 Meter version for a few years and have been very happy with the performance. I've now added 15, 20 and 40 Meters to the mix. This will hopefully allow me a bit more flexibility on those days when I'm out in the field operating portable. I will be putting them up at home for their maiden voyage and will post my results here when I have a chance to give em a workout. 


Soon to be living in a more confined corner lot (hopefully), I won't have the room to put all of these up, so I'll focus on using one or two. My goal is utilizing my 5BTV, allowing me multiple bands in the smallest amount of space. While in Alaska, I purchased a Hex Beam and I'm hopeful that can go in the air as well. The beam will give me a few of the WARC bands, which I enjoy running. I'm fully expecting the propagation to be a bit more cooperative as I'll be living on a hillside and should only have one somewhat challenged propagation path. The days of having my 40 foot tower with my large Mosley beam nested at the top are probably gone. As I approach retirement and having a plan of being a full time RV'er for a large part of the year, I'm now focusing on a smaller, portable setup. This will give me a few years to have it tried and tested. I'm also going to get back into working satellites, too. Next will be a portable UHF/VHF antenna for that (SO-50). I hope to put together a small array for working the HF birds from home as well. My dreams are limited by budget constraints but I'm hopeful that Uncle Sam will return enough to donate to my antenna improvement fund.         


  1. Phil looking forward to your reports on the new antennas.

  2. Hello Phil,

    Great antennas...I use one cut for 40-20 and 10 meters when operating portable. Ten meters has been especially good in the morning hours around 9-10 AM (local time). Hope to work you sometime. 72's

  3. Mike, you betcha! John, I'm so hoping my new QTH will bring some 10 meter activities! I miss that band. Heck, the way it's been here, I miss them all ;)